Great Permanent Weatherproof labels

We have been using these labels for 6 years on our loaner Corgi (dog) wheelchair carts. They look great and stick on well, and 1-3 years later when a cart comes back to us the label is still sticking and looks like new. This is after exposure to sun, rain , heat, cold, and water for up to 365 days a year (at about 11" above the ground). Thanks, Name that Computer, for being a partner with us in helping disabled corgis.

Bobbie Mayer
Corgi Aid

Bobbie Mayer
Corgi Aid

Jamie Sims- Anderson, SC

We got surprised by our customer and needed tags quickly. My site is a new start up for the company and our VERY LARGE customer wanted to see their tooling with tags. It was on our list to do, but we didn't know how fast we'd need it. I called, placed an order for tags at 3 pm and had tags to my door with the customers name and logo by 7:45 the next morning – Thanks!!!

Van K Nabb Jr. (VSTK)

It is always makes business much more pleasurable when you can find a company like this. Not only is the product quality exceptional, but so is the customer service.  I have ordered my 1’ case badges for almost 10 years but recently had a new project for custom size labels. Richie made the process fast and easy with great communication and recommendations based on his experience.  A rare find in today’s business world!

Bob (Forest Hills, CA)

The badges and void labels I ordered arrived today. Just like to say that I think you did a fantastic job. Not only did you produce and ship them at short notice, they are of the highest quality. I can't tell you how happy I am at the way they have turned out. I will definitely be using your services in the future and I will gladly recommend your company to my customers, business associates, and friends. You guys far exceeded expectations on my order. I needed these very quickly and you pulled through for me with a top notch product. Thanks so much.

Jeremy (College Station, TX)

I received my domed computer badges and they turned out great. Thanks for your great response time.


Rick (Brookings, OR)

I just wanted to let you know that we got our labels yesterday and they are very nice. Thanks so much for your patience and help.

Bruce (Park City, UT)

Got them today. Fantastic!

Mike (Catawissa, PA)

I just got the computer name labels. I must say they are kick ass!!! They really do look good. You have my business from now on. Once again thank you.

Mark (Palm Desert, CA)

Just wanted to say that the nameplates arrived and look great! These will be used on furniture pieces we sell and will a tag will go either on the back or in the drawer of a piece. Thanks for your help, we will order more as needed.

Warren (Bellingham, WA)

Excellent! Received it today! Thanks much! We love your product!

Ryan (New Castle, ME)

Got the badges today. They are excellent, when we run out, we&ll be ordering from you again. Couldn't ask for better quality!

God Bless,

Matt (Tampa, FL)

Absolutely perfect. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Lisa (Oakhurst, CA)

I just wanted to say that we received the badges and look absolutely wonderful! Everyone was very impressed how they turned out. Thanks again for your great service! I am sure we will be ordering more.

Michael (Eugene, OR)

Morning, just received the computer ID tags. Excellent JOB! Nice! If somebody ever needs a reference, please have them contact me.

Cecil (Rupert, ID)

Got the nameplates on Friday and just love them! Thank you!

Jeffrey (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

I received the stickers...WOW!! You did a GREAT job! Thanks so much for the extras and the domed ones too. As soon as I need more you&ll be the first to know. What else do you guys print that maybe I could use?

Ryan (Omaha, NE)

I wanted to drop a note and thank you for the fabulous job your company did on our computer badges. It was difficult sorting through all of the vendors trying to select someone to do this for us - a week or so to turn around something this high of quality is outstanding. Thank You!

Rich (Cary, NC)

Got the labels in today. These look SWEET!

Steve (Phoenix, AZ)

We got your nameplates in today, they are AWESOME, you do GREAT work. Don&t throw away my artwork, I&ll be ordering more!

Chuck (St. Petersburg, FL)

You were absolutely right about the dome labels. Awesome job on our logo!

Morgan (Fairport, NY)

WOW! You weren&t kidding! These case badges look AMAZING!!! I think these suckers are going to FLY - awe inspiring dude, they are totally awe inspiring!

Rob (Laurel, MD)

(Rob wanted to let others know about the durability of our asset tags, so he sent us this email to post on our site.)

We needed an asset tag that would hold up under harsh conditions, so we tested samples from Name That Computer in several different kinds of commercial coil cleaning liquids such Nu-Brite which contains sodium hydroxide, being the weakest, and Sulfuric acid that is much stronger, and it held up to the test! Samples we received from other companies didn&t do so well.

Thank You,